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Vacuum sealed Pressed Plant Art collection 2019.

November 24, 2019

I have done with my new collection of vacuum sealed Pressed Plant Arts. I wasn’t concentrated on creating difficult composition for these Pressed Plant Arts. Mostly these Pressed Plant Arts contain flowers, plants as they are. It means firstly I saved texture, shape and color of botanical materials, secondly I just picked up suitable background for my dried under press botanical materials and eventually I packed Pressed Plant Arts using vacuum sealing technology.


Majority plants I used in this collection I took from my own garden in pick of their freshness. Some pressed plants I’ve got like a present after taking part in International contest in South Korea. I used such background as: silk, watercolor paper, pastel paper.


I have made a video about my new collection of Vacuum sealed Pressed Plant Arts. Firstly, in this video a viewer can see plants in my garden, which I used for the art, then viewer can see ready vacuum sealed Pressed Plant Art.



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