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Vacuum sealing of pressed plant art

December 22, 2018

As a pressed plant artist I use all kinds of botanical materials to create an art. A dried and pressed botanical material is excellent stuff for creation for me, but this material is very specific too. It has to be protected from the moisture, UV light, the oxygen from the air, the dust and any physical disturbing. It’s clear for me, many factors are destroying for pressed plant material.


Vacuum sealing Technic of pressed plant arts gives artist like me possibility for keeping arts in conditions which are very close to ideal. Dried pressed plants exist in vacuum sealed art with minimum of the moisture, oxygen. Glass/acrylic with UV protection doesn’t allow plants to lose their natural colors. Vacuum sealing Technic is the best modern Technic for pressed plant arts.


If you take off the back board from a framed pressed plant art with vacuum sealing you’ll see a vacuum sealed package which you should keep intact.  






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