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Pressed Plant Art “Full moon”

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

I’ve sold my lucky Pressed Plant Art “Full moon” recently.

An alone wolf howling to the moon at night.
Full moon

Why do I call it lucky? Because it is evidently for me. This art traveled abroad to South Korea from the USA where I live. During the whole of the 2018 year, it was at the international exhibition in this country, it was one of the winners in the competition for Pressed Plant Arts. It was also published in Catalog of the exhibition.

Page of diploma from South Korea showing the name of art “Full moon” and name of artist Rita Ford. Page of printed catalog of exhibition in South Korea with the picture of Pressed Plant Art “Full moon”.
Pages of printed catalog and Rita Ford's winner's diploma from South Korea.

Before in the 2016 year, I took part in the juried exhibition with my Pressed Plant Art “Fool moon” in a local art gallery in Leesville, Louisiana. “Full moon” took the first prize.

A prospectus 8th Annual Gallery One Ellleven National competition exhibit September 6-30 2017. Third street, Leesville, LA, USA.
Prospectus from Gallery

Eventually, at one local art show in Louisiana in Natchitoches, my Pressed Plant Art was bought by one woman. She liked it so much! She hugged me and told me very warm words that my art will hang in a beautiful place in her house. Do you believe it can be a lucky art? I do.

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