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Pressed Flower Crafts on bedroom furniture.

Hello, my dear friends! In this photo, you can see how I decorated with pressed roses my bedroom furniture. Here are the dresser, chest of drawers, and the mirror. Also, I decorated the headboard of the bed and nightstand in this project. I tried to use for this project similar and contrast dright colors of dried roses and furniture. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that both options are okay, but the option with contrast bright color of roses on the furniture I like more than the similar one. Before I started the project I was thinking the similar furniture color of roses would look better. But in fact, it was not. The point is that my bedroom doesn't get much sunlight. It's dark in the bedroom. That is why the contrast bright color of dried roses looks better on dark bedroom furniture.

Generally, my idea was to use matter Mod Podge in this project to glue pressed flowers on the surface of the bedroom furniture. At the same talking, Mod Podge supposes to be as a sealer and finish for my pressed roses. I chose the matte Mod Podge because my furniture is also matte. I think any stuff for decoupage can be used instead of Mod Podge. I think so because I read in instruction that Mod Podge can be used for decoupage projects. I tried to work with Mod Podge in two different ways. I glued pressed rose on the surface of the furniture firstly then I coated it twice with Mod Podge. Or I coated twice pressed rose with Mod Podge firstly and then after it completely dried I glued it on the furniture. The second way I liked it more.

In this photo, you can see how my chest of drawers looked before decorations with pressed flowers. I marked with a piece of chalk the areas where I'd like to decorate the furniture pressed flowers.

I started to do different designs for each marked area with pressed flowers. Most pressed roses I color enhanced with Pan Pastel. Only the darkest red roses I left with their own natural color because they keep it very good. For the top of my chest of drawers, I used dried color enhanced rose buds and the smallest rose branches.

To sit on the chair and to coat twice already glued pressed roses was okay. But to do the same job on the bottom of the chest of drawers wasn't comfortable at all. That is why I coated twice pressed flowers firstly and then attached them to the furniture. Eventually, my chest of drawers looked like this. The manual says the Mod Podge completely dries after four weeks. As a final touch on the dried rose-leaves, I used golden paint. The rose leaves were coated twice with Mod Podge, they dried then I used golden paint on them.


This is the second stuff I used for my project - a golden paint. I could do a layer of this paint thinner or thicker. They look different. This paint drys very fast and after drying it is not washable with water anymore.

The second thing in my project was the dresser. First of all, I used gold paint to do the stamps of rose leaves. I painted with gold paint the backside of the rose leaves. When the gold prints dried I started to work with designs with pressed flowers.

Now it was a combination of printed leaves and glued pressed plants. I think it gives a 3D dimension look. It wasn't a bad idea in my opinion to use bright green leaves and flowers. On my dark color furniture in the dark bedroom, they look good. All botanicals were color enhanced with Pan Pastel or Design Master spray. I did two coats of Mod Podge firstly on all plants, then dried them, then glued them on the furniture.

This a final look of my decorated with pressed plants dresser. I like it very much.

Mod Podge can be usable on glass surfaces too. So I decorated the corner of the mirror with dried rose flowers and leaves. I prepared botanicals firstly. I mean I coated them twice with the Mod Podge. The rose leaves I painted with a thin layer of gold paint. After they dried I glued them on the mirror. After I placed the Mod Podge as glue I waited for about 10 seconds then attached plants. The Mod Podge became thicker during these 10 seconds and I didn't have any access glue when I pressed my botanicals on the mirror. So I didn't need to clean extra glue around plants.

Now my dresser with a mirror looks like this.

Such a design I made up for my nightstand. Pressed flowers were color enhanced with Pan Pastel, leaves with Design Master Spray then everything was covered twice with Mod Podge and glued on the furniture.

Such ornaments with pressed roses I created on the headboard of the bed.

All the time when I was busy with the decoration of my bedroom furniture I was creating the video. You can watch it now. This is the link for the video with the English subtitles.

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