• Rita Ford

Modern methods of drying plants for creativity.

I’ve created a video. In this video, I’m telling and showing how I dry plants for my creativity. I’m a botanical materials artist. I‘ve been doing business with my pressed plant creativity for several years. I tried all known methods for drying plants under the press. As a result, I have chosen two of my most favorite methods. I’m telling exactly about them in this video. These methods are modern, quick, and giving the best quality result. I was born in Russia. Now I live in the USA. I’m a member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild. I recommend this Guild to everybody who is interested in pressed plant creativity.

I’m speaking in my Native Russian language in this video. But there are subtitles in English. Don’t forget to turn on the button for subtitles.

Vacuum-sealed Pressed Plant Arts are HERE

Pressed Plant Arts are HERE

Real butterflies in shadow boxes are HERE

Resin pieces of jewelry are HERE

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