• Rita Ford

Décor made of leaves.

Hello, my dear friends!

I’ve created a new video with my new project with dried pressed plants on the kitchen furniture. In this video, I share with the audience how I created the decor on the kitchen countertop with dried leaves, epoxy resin and coated it with a special compound. After that, the surface became suitable for contact with food, became durable, it is impossible to scratch or burns it with any hot objects. In general, this project is successful: I've got a beautiful and practical kitchen countertop surface.

I’m speaking in Russian. But I’ll tell you how you can get subtitles in any language you need.

1. Click the button “CC” at the bottom of the video. The subtitles of the original language of the video will appear.

2. Click the button “Gear wheel”.

3. Click the link “Subtitles/CC”

4. Click the link “Auto-translation”

5. Choose the language you want. The subtitles in this chosen language will appear.

I repeated this information about choosing the necessary language in the description for the video.

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