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Competition exhibition in GALLERY ONE ElllEVEN in Leesville, Louisiana.

Updated: Feb 1

I live in Louisiana, USA. In September 2019 year I took part in a competition exhibition in GALLERY ONE ElllEVEN in Leesville, Louisiana. Recently I found the video I made about this event. It was a regular competition exhibition, but it doesn’t look for me now. I realized how good we lived without coronavirus.

I entered the competition with my two pressed plant arts:

Original Pressed Plant Art "Sea Turtle"

Original Pressed Plant Art "Panda"

And “Sea Turtle” got a prize. It was very pleasant for me. This year coronavirus pandemic did a big mess in our life. I came to the conclusion how important for me as an artist to show my arts to people, to know how people react to my arts. It’s not interesting to create something just for myself at all. No art shows, no communication with customers in real life, and as a result no mood for creation.

I know I need to be patient, all of us need to be patient during the pandemic. Someday our regular life will come back, customers will go to look at arts in art galleries again, receptions at exhibitions in art galleries will be crowdie and nosy as they used to be.

Vacuum-sealed Pressed Plant Arts are HERE

Pressed Plant Arts are HERE

Real butterflies in shadow boxes are HERE

Resin pieces of jewelry are HERE

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