• By Rita M. Ford

New collection of pieces of jewelry made of resin.

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Tiny pieces of the smallest plants from Nature or my garden, pendants, chains, and resin – this is all I needed to create pieces of jewelry with real plant materials. No way I can repeat the same piece twice. That is why every pendant is truly unique. Mostly time I enhanced the color of dried plants, but sometimes I did not because I like their (beige, for example) color as is and I know it won’t change any longer.

If I want I use a tray for a pendant.

I can use special molds to do pendants without trays too.

Sometimes I cover with the resin surface of the pressed plant.

Let me introduce some of the pieces of jewelry made of resin in this 2019 year.

Resin pieces of jewelry are HERE

Vacuum-sealed Pressed Plant Arts are HERE

Pressed Plant Arts are HERE

Real butterflies in shadow boxes are HERE

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