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Birds in my Garden and on my Pressed Plant Arts.

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

  1. Today, friends, I want to tell you about birds in my garden. There are plenty of different birds around us. We live in a subtropical forest in the state of Louisiana, USA. Our house also is located on the lake (Toledo Bend Lake), so we have pelicans, herons, and egrets, living near us.

Canada gooses are swimming.

Some big bird is sitting on a branch on a tree.

A white egret is eating fish standing in a river.

As a gardener, I am not successful in protecting my harvest from birds. They destroyed my dream to grow and eat my own harvest of blueberries, blackberries, tomatoes, plums, cherries, and figs, which I had planted. I would not mind sharing the harvest with birds, but it’s a pity they don’t share with us at all. They pick apples and pears, when they hang on the trees and, after that, these fruits usually start to rot. Of course, birds eat harmful insects and caterpillars in the garden, helping to grow a healthy harvest for us, but later they eat the ripened harvest too.

No doubt I am sorry I can’t grow all those desirable fruits and vegetables because of birds, but I can’t say I hate them. Because I like to watch them and listen to them. I try to take photos of birds, but, to tell you the truth, it is not easy at all. They don’t allow me to come close to them and don’t wait until I pick the best spot and am ready to do the shot. Anyone who has tried to take a photo or video of birds will understand what I mean.

It is like a miracle for me, but I am friendly with one bird. She has been building her nest in a hanging basket of English ivy on our deck for several years in a row. As a result, we’ve become familiar with her. She is very careful, but in fact, I believe she is not very afraid of me very much. It is just her natural precautionary, I think. Sometimes she talks to me with a serious voice in her bird language, when we are close enough to each other on the deck. One year I was lucky to watch how she was teaching her babies to fly. They were not far from the nest, sitting on the ground and giving to Mom sounds like this: “Mom, where are you? I was not successful this time”. And Mom, I came to assume, answered with: “I am near you. Do not worry! Try again!”

Only once, one bird (that was a cardinal) landed on the deck near me and did not move for a long time. I was able to take pictures of him as much as I wanted. He acted very strangely, it seemed to me, because I had noticed that birds do not like to have a person close to them. Before I took a photo session of the cardinal he tried to fly through our glass door to the inside of the house. The glass door was closed, he bushed but tried again and again. I could not help him; I could not explain to him that it is impossible to go through glass. I just was watching him see what would happen next. I’ve read before that birds don’t understand what glass is.

A bird Cardinal.

Many times, I failed when I saw a bird, sitting on the branch of the bush behind the window glass and tried to take the bird’s photo. For birds, the glass looks like it doesn’t exist, so they fly away immediately and do not give me a chance to take a picture. When I could take a picture, I was very happy.

A bird Titmouse.

I am amazed that hummingbirds can remember the place, where the bird feeder was last year. They come back in the spring to our place and fly in the air, where the bird feeder used to be. The most spectacular show hummingbirds put on happens when they are going to fly away in the fall. They eat a lot of syrup from the bird feeder because they need to collect energy to fly for long distances.

Here, friends, it is a photo of a local Gallery, where I exhibited my pressed plant art with a hummingbird.

A couple of doves have been living at the same place in our garden for many years. I took a video of them. They are so lovely!

The pelican is the official bird of the state of Louisiana, where we live. And also our state has the nickname of the Pelican State. So, all Louisiana artists have pelican art in their collections. I do too.

Pressed Plant Art “Brown pelican”.

But I need to admit that I’ve seen the pelicans on our lake only from distance. By the way, I think using nice photos of the birds from professional magazines is an excellent idea. When I want to create art with a bird сlose-up I use photos from an American magazine such as “Birds and Blooms”.

I like to watch TV movies about nature, including movies about birds. And I am not surprised that professionals do such amazing things: they show us a bird’s life in detail. They show us birds close up; they show us, where and how birds migrate. I can appreciate their excellent job very much because I know how difficult this is to do. I have been learning to take videos of birds since last spring. Every late winter to early spring it is possible in our area to listen to the gorgeous songs of birds, especially in the morning. I adore this time of a year and time of the day. I sit on the deck or walk in the garden and enjoy, listening to birds’ songs. Sometimes I take the camera or camcorder to catch rare moments from birds' life.

I forgive them for all the trouble I have, trying to successfully grow fruits and vegetables. Last spring, I made a video by catching songs of the most “talented” singers in my garden. Here is my result.

Besides after all that, I am inspired by birds and that is why very often they are my favorite subject on my pressed plant arts. Here are my arts with birds I have already created.

Pressed Plant Arts are HERE and HERE

Real butterflies in shadow boxes are HERE

Resin pieces of jewelry are HERE

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